It’s all in the details


It’s all about the story

Life is a story of characters

The life of a story is in the characters.

The intrigue is in the details.

I prefer to keep my packages simple and straightforward with the value and focus placed on the photography itself and telling the story of the day and couple. This also allows for start to finish coverage and flexibility the day of the wedding.


Timing is everything.

Crafting a photo story of your day is one part photography and two parts planning. As the wedding details come together, we'll plan a schedule for your day that ensures you end up with the style of images you chose me to capture. This is all part of the fun of course.


Look for the light.

Think about it. Without light there are no photos. I shoot natural light as often as possible. Along side my camera I bring with me the experience gathered in the churches, fields, downtowns and sunsets… where I’ve shot.


Idealist. Optimist. Realist.

Maybe these things don’t belong together but it’s how I see life. Things are what they are, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be beautiful.  

A major part of what makes a great photography collection is when things happen.